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Automatic wood chip, wood pellet boilers for central heating and hot water.

Central heating boilers with automatic wood chip feed systems

Heating with wood chips, wood pellets and sawdust/shavings, recovers energy on-site, safeguards local jobs in the surrounding region and offers an additional source of income for land and forest managers. The use of wood reduces our dependence on heating oil and natural gas. The burning of oil also produces higher sulphur dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions than the burning of wood chips. The transportation and storage of wood chips poses no threat to the environment. Heating with wood chips is ecologically responsible, as it has a virtually closed CO2 cycle. wood chips

Wood Chips

Wood chips are made from whole trees, branch wood or coppice products which have been mechanically shredded by a chipping machine. Ideally the wood needs to have been air-dried before chipping, or the chips dried before burning.

Shavings and Sawdust

Waste wood from manufacturing which has no additives such as wood planings and sawdust can be a perfect way to use a waste wood for heating. The compact range can burn wood pellets either as a dedicated fuel source or as an alternative. HDG logo compact 50 wood chip boiler compact 100 wood chip boiler Co2 cycle of wood chips 

  • For wood chips, pellets and shavings (moisture content up to 65% Compact 100-200, 45% Compact 50/65/80) 

  • Consistent output due to state-of-the-art combustion technology which employs an air cooled, moving stepped grate (patented) 

  • Infinitely adjustable, nominal thermal output 

  • Unique combustion control by means of oxygen sensor and hot gas sensor for optimal efficiency (> 90%)

  • Automatic ignition with hot air blowers

  • User-friendly ash removal system 

  • Patented rotary feeder for burn-back protection 

  • Meets most European applicable safety standards 

  • Direct fuel insertion onto the stepped grate with minimal expenditure of energy

Based on the layout of the building, size of the fuel store, boiler capacity and fuel type, we offer custom tailored delivery systems, from spring steel blade and jointed arm delivery to silo and walking floor delivery. HDG delivery systems are designed to be robust and solid. Moreover, they offer a hassle-free means of quietly and reliably supplying your system with fuel. Spring steel blade delivery systems, transport and meter fuel such as saw shavings, pellets and chips up to a size of G50 (medium coarseness from 30 to 50 mm).