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HDG Turbotec Wood Boilers

HDG Turbotec Wood Boilers

HDG Turbotec Split Log and Waste Wood Boiler.

Convenient and Compact

The HDG Turbotec convinces buyers with its high level of convenience and space saving construction. The combustion system and the fuelling chamber dimensioning contribute to refuelling intervals being extended to up to 24 hours. This advantage is appreciated by people, who cannot deal with the heating system during the day. Model Outputs 50kW & 60kW. Fuels: The HDG Turobotec is designed for the burning of, 1 meter split logs Pressed briquettes Coarse wood products

Exemplary User Friendliness

The operation of the HDG Turbotec is performed from the front or the optional top loading hatch. The large doors, the control elements for the control system as well as the flue bypass damper are all centrally positioned. The large fuelling chamber, comprising 340L, allows long intervals between refuelling. The large refuelling and cleaning doors with an opening angle of over 100 degrees makes the operation simple. An ingenious rear ventilation feature has been integrated. This results in low surface temperatures and keeps the heat where it belongs; in your heating system. During refuelling, the flue gasses are redirected by the flue bypass damper and, therefore, do not infiltrate the boiler room.

Continuous Optimal Heat Transfer

- with a Single Motion By pulling the lever of the flue bypass damper, the flue is opened directly to reduce smoke emissions. The HDG Turbotec is ideally suitable for use in large homes or commerical buildings.

Turbotec has a huge 340L fueling capacity

The doors can be ordered attached on the left or right.

The Cleaning Principle of the HDG Turbotec is Unique.

All cleaning openings are large sized and can be accessed with no dis-assembly of housing components. The combustion chamber of the HDG Turbotec consists of eight identically large, refractory elements. Their level surfaces can easily be cleaned from the front.

Quality. For a Long Service Life

HDG boilers systems distinguish themselves through their durability. The HDG Turbotec is one such system, with a fuelling chamber that comes complete with removable panels. These protect the boiler plating from both the high temperatures of combustion and from corrosive elements.

Ash Removal

To facilitate transport of the ash, the boiler has an integrated ash box, which can simply be slid into the lower boiler housing.

Turbotec is Availble in Two Heat Outputs

Turbotec 50kW   Turbotec 60kW