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Turbotec 50kw

Turbotec 50kw

HDG Turbotec 50kW Split Log Wood Boiler for 1 Meter Length Logs

The HDG Turbotec is a 50kW gasification wood burning boiler for use with wood logs and clean wood waste. The fuelling chamber volume is 340 litres which will produce approximately 382kWh from softwood and 489kWh from hard wood per fuelling.

What is special about HDG Turobotec 50kW Fuel

Split log wood up to 1 metre lengths (39"), Pressed wood briquettes, Coarse cuttings and lumped wood waste, wood chips,

Area of application

Private households, Agriculture and forestry Commercial businesses


Front-loading, 340 litre fuel chamber volume, HDG Lambda-Control, Integrated ash box, Down-burning combustion technology


Very user-friendly and convenient, Very long intervals between refills, Low emissions

Special features

90 % efficiency, Automatic cleaning of heat exchanger surfaces upon operation of the bypass damper, Operated entirely from the front, Meets the missions controls and safety requirements of most European countries, Awarded the German KWF prize for innovation

Combustion-controlled, bottom-burning wood boiler.

Type-tested to DIN EN 303-5 and DIN 4751-2, certified to EC Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. Pressure-tested, welded furnace body made of 5-6 mm tested boiler steel, fully lined filling chute (with heat-resistant special steel panels at particularly exposed points), sheet steel furnace lining, pre-assembled, powder-coated in green (RAL 6011) or yellow (RAL 1007) 80 mm glass wool insulation, safety heat exchanger fitted as standard.

Large fuelling chamber

(340 litre, 1100 mm deep) for logs up to 1 meter and coarsely chopped wood for long refill intervals; highly temperature-resistant burn-off nozzle with special downstream combustion chamber for minimum emissions and maximum efficiency; power-controlled suction draught ventilator with servo drive for separate primary and secondary air control; oxygen and flue temperature sensors fitted ready to plug in; ergonomic design for convenient fuelling using the large front door.

HDG Lambda Control 1 boiler control units

The boiler control units of HDG Lambda Control have ingenious combustion control systems. The combustion values are determined through the oxygen sensor and the flue gas sensor. These values are evaluated and the primary and secondary air flaps then precisely regulated for continuously optimal values even under variable conditions.

Intelligent emission management

In the HDG Lambda-Control 1, the following parameters are continually measured and also shown on the display: The residual oxygen in the flue gas (with the aid of the oxygen probe), in order to achieve optimal combustion. The exhaust air temperature (with the aid of the flue gas temperature sensor), in order to achieve a constant degree of efficiency; The temperatures of the boiler and accumulator storage tank, in order to determine their operating statuses.

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