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Compact 50

Compact 50

HDG Compact 50 Wood Chip and Wood Pellet water heating Boiler

What is special about HDG Compact 50kW

Especially Clean

The advanced combustion technology of the Compact is perfectly designed to burn pellets or wood chips as fuel, resulting in very low emission values. Extremely high efficiency levels are also achieved through the combustion of this environmentally friendly fuel.

Especially Economical

Optimised combustion technology results in low pellet consumption. An advanced thermostat controls the boiler temperature ensuring that only the required amount of heat is produced.

Absolutely Safe

The HDG compact has been subjected to strict in-house and independent safety tests. The cellular wheel sluice reliably prevents back-burn and the escape of low temperature gas. This sluice wheel, combined with an integrated water extinguishing system provides total safety.

Especially Convenient

Features such as automatic transport of the pellets to the combustion chamber, automatic ignition, self activated cleaning and large ash container combine to provide maximum convenience automatically controlled by the HDG Comptronic boiler control.

The HDG Compact 50kW at a glance:

The HDG Compact 50/65 is an automatic wood-heating system which is designed to burn wood chips, pellets and shavings (up to 45% wood moisture content, wood chips up to 50 mm 2 cross section, maximum length 120 mm). It offers convincing features such as innovative HDG Compatronic burning and control technology, a rotary feeder for uncompromised safety, automatic cleaning and ash removal for maximum convenience as well as economical operation. The compact and economical heating boiler is delivered completely assembled. Upon request, it can also be supplemented with reliable remote maintenance and SMS control functions.

How it works

Fuel is fed directly onto the combustion grate. Fuel feeding, primary and secondary air are controlled independently of one another. Tilting grate technology ensures that optimum performance is maintained even when the proportion of non-combustible material is increased. The system only operates with combustion emissions at an optimum level. Prolonged smouldering is avoided while glowing hot embers are maintained. This serves to counteract the contamination of the heat exchanger and the chimney. When the fuel reaches the fill level, it is ignited by hot air blowers. The automatic ignition feature makes the system even more convenient to operate and enables automatic operation with minimal effort from the user. The cleaning turbulators make the cleaning of the heat exchanger significantly easier. Upon demand, they can be moved automatically by means of a drive unit. Automatic cleaning wood chip. The tilting grate dumps the ashes into the ash container below. Ash and non combustible material are completely removed, thus ensuring consistent maximum output from the boiler. This concept also allows for the use of logs during emergency operation. As an option, ash in the combustion chamber and flue ways can be conveyed by means of ash removal worms into outdoor ash containers, which are fastened to the boiler body with quick release clamps. The mobile containers are disconnected from the boiler in one simple step, so that they can be completely and easily emptied.


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