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Solar Thermal

Anglia Easy Energy Limited offer simple but very effective solar systems with a full design service at affordable prices. From DIY to trade and wholesale supply, our ethic is to provide quality products at realistic prices with a professional service.

The use of free Solar energy to heat water and provide heating is a simple but effective solution to help save money and to reduce harmful carbon emissions that damage our planet.

A quality solar system which is correctly installed will provide long, reliable service with negligible running costs. You will enjoy substantial savings year on year against ever increasing annual fuel bills. Solar water heating can provide up to 70% of the annual hot water needs for a domestic dwelling. With industrial, commercial and swimming pool heating solar installations, energy savings can be huge, with initial costs recovered very quickly.

Solar Thermal is a clean, highly efficient means of using renewable energy from the sun to provide hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial process. There are many advantages to installing an Anglia Easy Energy Solar System. You will be helping to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and their carbon emissions which are causing long term damage to our climate, but also making savings in annual fuel bills. For example up to 70% of annual domestic hot water can be obtained via a quality solar system.

e install the T3 solar collector. The toughened, low Iron, prismatic solar glass on the T3 provides superb light transmission values. Copper pipe runs are soldered to a copper absorber providing optimum conduction of solar energy. Finishing with side and rear internal insulation, the T3 delivers huge performance with reliability:

  • Mounting over the tiles or roof integrated.
  • Easy & fast fitting.
  • Specified for new build and ideal for retro fitments.
  • Built to endure the British climate for at least 30 years.
  • Architecturally suitable for many types of building.
  • Superb performance & value for money.
  • Reliable palletised deliveries
  • Friendly, efficient service and technical support.

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